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Monday, October 18, 2004

echolyn - As the World

Back in 1995, I had a fascination with the band Rush that was unusual for someone my age. I used them as a jumping off point to find other music that was in their vein. One of the bands that I discovered was a band from Pennsylvania named echolyn. When the opportunity arose, I promised myself that I would pick it up and give it a listen. Then, I went to a Best Buy in Green Bay, Wisconsin, yadda, yadda, yadda...

While the album didn't jump at me at first, it gradually grew on me. I liked it enough that I was able to give it a chance. Eventually, this became (and still is) one of my favorite albums. The favored songs included "As the World," a tribute to true individualism, but a acknowledgement of the challenges that go with it, "How Long I Have Waited," just a song in praise of perseverance, "One for the Show" the conclusion of a string of four songs that tell a story that can also stand on its own. "Never the Same" might have been written for someone who died, but it helped me get over someone who had just drifted away from me. "A Habit Worth Forming" was there for me when I tried to make changes to my life for the better.

Unfortunatley, echolyn broke up just before I bought this album, due the some tensions that arose as a result from the way the album was handled by Sony records. I believe that this album could have been a hit had it been promoted more enthusiastically by Sony, but I'm over it now. Echolyn has since reformed, but in my opinion the new albums don't compare to As the World. Be that as it may, I'll always have this album. It's a fine substitute.


  • At 10:02 AM, Blogger Voodoo said…

    All the good lesser known or new bands break up... it's a shame. The New Radicals was one of my all time favorite CD's... so they had to break up. Always on the look out for new music particularly in the vein of Rush... just saw Rush again a couple months ago... that's the other anomaly... bands that are staying together and popular for 30+ years... Anyway nice review I will have to look for this!


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