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Monday, October 18, 2004

Atticus Fault

I had high hopes for this album eventually finding its audience. Despite the fact that folks at the local record store that I bought this from thought that this sounded like Oasis or the Couting Crows, I had hopes that word of mouth would get around. I thoroughly enjoyed this entire album, and when I found this in mid 2002, I was surprised they still made albums like this anymore.

Alas, this ecstasy was to be short-lived. Apparently, nothing was learned from the echolyn debacle, and this album languished in obscurity until the band broke up. I still hold out hope that they might reform, but I realize that its a long shot. Until then, I'll keep this album in frequent rotation, especially focusing on the standout tracks "Soundtrack," "My First Trip to Mars," "Mary Mother," and "Once Around the Sun."


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