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Thursday, January 05, 2006


I found out about this from a cool podcast called the Sounds in my Head. The song that was played was called "In the End," which is a happy little song about the end of summer, but wanting to hang on to the good memories. I instantly fell in love with the song, although I first heard it in the run up to a harsh Michigan winter.

The album is not sold in stores, oddly enough, so I had to order it. When it finally arrived for me to pickup, I played it immediatley, and it instantly rose to the top of my 2005 music purhases, which also saw fantastic albums from Carbon Leaf, New Order, and Ringside, among others.

The remainder of the album was also filled with happy little tunes, including Superstar, Human Condition, Serendipity, and my personal favorite, Warmin' Up, which made a good theme song for my New Year's Resolutions.

Who should buy this album? Anyone who likes music in the style of the eighties New Wave craze. This certainly has a good beat, and is easy to dance to.

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