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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Radford - Sleepwalker

This album came out of nowhere, made a little noise, and seems to have gone back to whence it came with little evidence it was ever here. Which is unfortanate, because this album was really special if you were lucky enough to find it.

When I first encountered it, it was in the famous clearance section of Amoeba Music in San Francisco. I found a lot of good music that unfortunatley was about to be sent to the Island of Lost Music.

Because Radford was in the process of going off the grid when I found this album, information about them has been hard to find. Today, its well nigh impossible. Even the web site listed on this album appears to be in use by an unrelated business.

A little bit about this album. It combines thought-provoking lyrics with a less synth-oriented 80's style new wave. My favorite songs include the lead off song "Therapy(I don't Need You)", "Out of the Dark", and "Fake a Smile." The album title even seems a little ironic. The Sleepwalker here seems to be struggling to wake up and join the world. Themes like resonate with me, because I've had episodes where I've felt out of touch, and almost asleep to the world around me.

This band had potential, and I'm sorry that they probably won't get an opportunity to go any farther. Without the ability to know what they're up to now, I'll just have this album and their previous album. If you happen to find this album, feel free to give it a good home. You just might be presently suprised.


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