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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Silvercrush - Stand

One of the risks in trying music that you've never heard of is that it just might become a club with a very exclusive membership. As such, the band goes off the grid, leaving behind a single album for archeologists to discover and analyse, and come to conclusions about the lack of musical taste that existed in the early part of the twenty-first century.

The particular album that I'm talking about today was put out by a band from Salt Lake City, Utah, called Silvercrush. According to one of the remaining websites that reference this band, there was a bit of trajedy that made this album bittersweet. I won't discuss it here, because my purpose is to talk about the music.

It's nothing you haven't heard if you're a fan of bands like Collective Soul, matchbox twenty, Live, or Creed. What sets this band apart is a focus on melody, harmony, and inspiring and personal lyrics. I like just about every song on this album, but the songs "Stand", "Dance" and "Tommorrow" really stand out, as I find them really inspirational. Stand and Tommorrow both strike me as statements of faith that some higher power will continue to be there with you, so nothing in this world should be holding you down. Dance inspires me because it encourages a spirit of adventure that I think a lot of people miss out on, and I want to make sure that I keep dancing.

When I found this album in August of 2002, I enjoyed it immensely, partly because I detected a strong spiritual core to this album, which is true on a lot of my favorite albums. Perhaps it was this spiritual core that has led lead singer Steele Crosswhite to become involved in a church in Salt Lake City called the Rock. Perhaps it was this shift in priorities that led to the band just drifting apart. I hope, however, that Steele is inspired to get the band back together, because the world needs more music like this.


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