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Monday, February 20, 2006

Little Plastic Trees

I'm going to do something different today. Instead of reviewing a particular piece of media, I instead would like to highlight something that I'm seeing more and more of on the old Internets; it was something that was pointed out to me a couple of weeks ago, and since then, I've been unable to get them out of my head.

What I'm talking about are re-mixed (spoofed might actually be the correct term, but I'm going with remixed) movie trailers, especially the ones that put the movie into a completely different genre. Imagine Fight Club as a romantic comedy or Sleepless in Seattle as a stalker-horror movie, and you've got the idea.

None of the movie clips are doctored in any way, except to be completely taken out of context, with different voiceover and background music.

I'll leave you this time with some of the better trailer re-mixes that I've found.

1) the Terminator

2) the Shining

3) Fight Club

4) Big

5) Sleepless in Seattle

6) Say Anything

7) Taxi Driver

Note that some of these contain violent or raunchy content, just in case that concerns you. I'll post more as I happen to find them.


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